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women's fiction chick lit

"It isn't how long one lives, it is how wide that really matters."

– Kathryn's Beach

" after life with the drive of an eight-year-old chasing an ice cream truck!"

– High Tide

"You are the person you are when you think no one is watching."

– Storm Surge

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Nadine's Writing Tips

Getting Started

Most first time writers get inspired with an idea and rush to their computer to get it down before it is lost. While that is okay under the influence of inspiration, if the person is serious about writing they need to take time to understand the industry's expectations.
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The Basics

After the initial creative rush subsides and a first time writer looks back at their debut work with a feeling of satisfaction, awe, and self-admiration for having created something to share with others, they have to decide what the next step is.
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