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"It isn't how long one lives, it is how wide that really matters."

– Kathryn's Beach

" after life with the drive of an eight-year-old chasing an ice cream truck!"

– High Tide

"You are the person you are when you think no one is watching."

– Storm Surge

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Meet Nadine Laman

Nadine with SantaI was born and raised in Los Angeles County, California, during the turbulent winds of social unrest - which explains the eternally optimistic belief that we can have a better world. I graduated from Arizona State University School of Social Work at a time when social work was a vehicle of social change that could not be ignored.

In the tradition of Irish storytellers' wit, humor, tragedy, tongue-in-cheek satire, my characters' strengths and weaknesses are exposed to further explore the human drama in which we live. I prefer to write in a personal voice for the protagonist - a much more enjoyable style for me - and, I hope for you. I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona.

Questions from Fans

Q - What writing books do you use?
A - First, is a spelling dictionary. I am dyslexic and spellcheck can't always figure out what word I mean. The only book I ever recommend for writing is The Complete Book of Scriptwriting by J. Michael Straczynski. No, the author doesn't know that I recommend his book.

Nadine at the beachQ - What books do you read to prepare to write?
A - I have a hard fast rule NOT to read books in my genre. I think that is the worst advice that is floating around the industry unless, of course, you want to write like someone else. Why write what has been written? Find your own voice! Find your own story!

Q - Who has been your source of inspiration?
A - The people I admire are those who have impacted social change or advanced who we are as people. Eleanor Roosevelt, is one of my all time favorites. There is a whole list, but these are the ones that come to mind: Joan Finney, former Governor of Kansas; Chuck Yegar and all the test pilots, astronauts, and scientists who took the next step after the Wright Brothers, including the barnstormers, the Lindberghs, and Earharts; the college kid in Topeka and the motorcyclists who stand up to Fred Phelps; Lois Johnson who earned a Ph.D. when black women had to sit in the hallway and listen to lectures through the door.

Q - What kind of camera do you use?
A - I own three very nice 35 mm cameras, however I often use a $5 disposable camera when on the beach. It is either a good picture or not, and any camera should be able to capture it. I rarely take photos with people in them so that the photo will not be dated by the clothing. I take lots of Mom type photos, but they are not for the website. I elected to use snapshot-like photos for my author photo because it seemed to fit the setting of the book.

Q - What's distinctive about your writing?
A - All of my books begin in the middle of a conversation. I get criticism for beginning that way, but that is how they begin. I'm not one for formula writing and forcing a story to be something it isn't.

Nadine at the beachI write literary treats into my stories. Speed readers might miss them, but a lot of readers are catching them and writing to me about them. For example, the cold is a metaphor as well as part of the setting. The sleet is as much the tears that she can't cry because she is frozen inside, as it is the winter weather. Go back and read chapter one of Kathryn's Beach now. Think about the melting ice falling from the tree branches...when the beach is stormy or cold. There are many items in my books that have symbolism attached to them.

What I like best is to write in first person present tense, in the perspective of the protagonist. It is a very enjoyable style of writing for me. While I write, I can "get into character" in much the same way an actor does to play a role. I think being able to do that is what brings the depth to the characters and the setting that people seem to enjoy. I hope so, I hope readers truly enjoy my books and come back to read them again and again.

Q - Would you like to see Kathryn's Beach as a movie?
A - Absolutely! Wouldn't you? I love the three stories about Kathryn. I love motion pictures. I would love to see her in an Indie film. And, I'm available to be on the writing staff!

author Nadine LamanQ - Which book is your favorite?
A - Of the seven books I've written or am in the process of writing, High Tide has been the most fun writing in terms of character development. In Kathryn's Beach, Kathryn was broken and that didn't allow for too much mischief in devising things to do to her in the story. In High Tide, she is stronger and I am able to have a great deal of fun with the voices of the secondary characters. Of the three "Kathryn" books, HT may be my favorite. Ann Zimmerman graciously and generously gave her permission to use her song, Absolute Zero, and her likeness in High Tide, making the story all the more real.

Q - Is Kathryn's Beach autobiographical?
A - For the record, Kathryn's story is really fiction. When I was a social worker, no one died on my watch. I made up these characters and no, I have never lived in Nebraska but, aren't most small towns a lot like Kathryn's?


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