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"It isn't how long one lives, it is how wide that really matters."

– Kathryn's Beach

" after life with the drive of an eight-year-old chasing an ice cream truck!"

– High Tide

"You are the person you are when you think no one is watching."

– Storm Surge

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Reader Reviews

5 stars
"Very highly recommended reading, Kathryn's Beach clearly documents Nadine Laman as a superb author with the ability to engage and hold the reader's rapt attention from first page to last."
— James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review

"The most notable thing about Nadine is that she is passionate about writing and writers. She has writing colleagues in a several countries, who write in a variety of genre and publishing formats...When asked about her friends' writings or her own books and writing projects, Nadine beams with enthusiasm. She personally answers each fan mail and is amazed at the number of people who write to say they have read her books two and three times. Nadine writes contemporary women's literature. Her compelling first person present tense style is extremely engaging..."
— Jerry Simmons,

"Nadine Laman's Kathryn's Beach is a very well written story about human pain and tragedy and the ability to not only survive but to learn to live again."
— Reviewed by Cherie Fisher for Reader Views

"Storm Surge kept me awake until 2 AM the other night because I had to know how it ended. Kathryn was a wonderful woman who was strong, smart, loving and so generous. I learned to love the grandfather, too. There were some great, strong sentences throughout the book. It was wonderful. I so enjoyed all three books."
— Connie E. Curry, US Author of Give Me Back My Glory

"The words coming to my mind when thinking about Kathryn's Beach are unpretentious, gentle, caring, compassionate, hopeful, realistic and LIFE with all its highs and lows. You lose some, you win some. Forgiving thy neighbor is sometimes difficult, forgiving yourself sometimes impossible-even when there is nothing to be forgiven."
— Ivana Marič, Croatia

"I was up past midnight the other night and it is all your fault! I could not put that book down!!! OMG! it was great! I loved it- Storm Surge is the best of the three in my opinion!"
— Diedra Pollnow

"Blog Party book: the Blog Party book is pretty cool. I'm glad it was a success for you! You really brought a lot of people together and I hope you know how much we all appreciate it."
— Andrew Revels, US Author, Belly of the Beast

" Nadine Laman does it again!! High Tide, the second book in the Kathryn McKenzie story, certainly lives up to the quality of the first book, Kathryn's Beach."
— Reviewed by Cherie Fisher for Reader Views

"You are endowed with a writer's spirit."
— Shawn McKee, ecologist, young entrepreneur

"Nadine Laman, gloat in the fact that I am most impressed with Kathryn's Beach! It is a very well written piece of literature. I am very impressed with your creativity and the way you make the story flow. A good example of that is the description of the mural. I was fascinated at how you described the painting."
— Thomas Brown, US author of Men Bleed Too

"You Are Brilliant! Wow! I cried all the way through the end and dreamed of Kathryn last night! Thanks for the story, Nadine!"
— Regan Littrell

"Kathryn's Beach reminds me why I like to read."
— Terrie Berg

"Reading Kathryn's Beach is making me feel as of I have written it myself - in patches... the style and the pace are what I am identifying with. I am not being presumptive here - it is making me quite comfortable... curl up in bed kind of read."
— Dr. Nidhi Dhawan, India, surgeon and writer

"Just finished Storm Surge, I was really surprised at the ending!"
— Jean Flynn

"As Kathryn leaves her beloved beach behind to move into her new position and the family mansion ... begins to unravel family secrets, threats to her life and very suspicious corporate activity ... Kathryn must meet them all head on. As usual, with large doses of her prized coffee, she does beautifully. Storm Surge is very well written and as usual with Nadine Laman's work, I did not want it to end."
— Reviewed by Cherie Fisher for Reader Views

"I really enjoyed your writing, the story kept me curious and coming back for more and I just marvel at the fact that someone like you can weave together characters and words and storylines and emotions. I don't know how you do it. You did an amazing job."
— Joyce Himes

"I was getting a lot done here (with the DVD and the books) but because you had to give me your damn book, I seem to be sneaking away from my projects to see what Kathryn is doing. Thanks a lot!"
— Andrew Revels, U.S. author and poet

"Just finished Storm Surge. WOW! You left me thinking that there is more Kathryn to come, if that is your desire. The way you ended the story leads me to believe that Kathryn's grandmother left her the warning, but left the sleeping dog lie and chose not to rock the boat. Will Kathryn do the same? Even with the threat of death? Will she let nature take its course and let time take care of the "evil ones"? What else did the silver box reveal? When's the next Kathryn story coming? I want more!"
— Judith McKee

"Laman's characters are memorable. I especially like the main character's new neighbor, Mr. Goldstein, and her new boss, a nun with a passion for doing good and a bit of a beach-streak of her own. I like that Laman tells the story in first person, so we can come to know the protagonist through internal dialogue--up close and personal."
— Carolyn Howard-Johnson, US award winning author - Read More

"Nadine Laman has a gift of writing! She not only produces work of social relevance, but is able to bring various plots into one plot without confusion. The characters are well-formed and brought to life through feelings and experiences. The emotions run deep throughout the story, not only with the main character, Kathryn, but with supporting characters also."

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Kathryn's Beach - it's an easy, deep read. What I expected to happen, didn't. What happened, I didn't expect. Laman manages to keep the suspense up throughout the book very successfully. It was hard to put it down because I wanted to keep turning the pages to find out what happened next. I can guarantee, the ending of Kathryn's Beach will definitely make you want to read the sequel High Tide."
— Irene Watson, US Author of The Sitting Swing

"I think you should know that Kathryn's beach is really fantastic! I couldn't put it down! WoW! This I call literature! You have a wonderful style, really mashallah, it's warm, sensitive, sincere. I felt so close to you as if I'm having a deep look inside your soul and seeing how amazingly beautiful it is! I enjoyed the part describing her beach and the ocean, lovely! Love of the sea is in my blood! I felt I was on the beach in Alexandria, Egypt's first harbor, and I swear I almost smelled it and felt its breeze touching my face!"
— Asmaa Kadry, United Arab Emirates Author

"The Trilogy Trailer is beautiful, love the whole thing. It made me cry a little. The music is perfect for the words and the scenery. It's deep, forlorn and yet full of hope."
— Karin Carstens, US author

"You are a very talented writer. You made my mom cry. Your style is inspiring. When I read a little of your book, sometimes I have to put it down to go write mine. Not that I'm copying you, but reading your book puts me in the mood to write Belly of the Beast. I STILL made time to finish Kathryn's Beach. I liked it and I'm not even a chick!"
— Andrew Revels, US author of Games Poor Kids Play

"Your writing is original and entertaining, and also thought provoking. I love your writing, perhaps even more so because I love you too, and it's like you send me part of you in those stories. The message within them talks to me in a language I understand. I think it will be the same for many, many thousands of people."
— Carrie Sheppard, English author and musician

"Loved Kathryn's Beach -- good story line and your angle on how people's actions effect so many is brilliant -- your understanding and care in the book is very refreshing. I found myself sympathising with Kathryn."
— Andy D. Kemp, French author and artist

"No wonder you can write. It's like you're searching for souls."
— Jeannine Garsee, US author, Before, After, and Somebody In Between

"Kathryn's Beach is a great read. Realistic, true to life experiences. It draws you in until you are hooked. Can't wait to hear more about Kathryn and her friends!"
— Diedra Pollnow

"You really got to the core of Kathryn in High Tide and engaged the reader."
— Cathy Cole, Irish mystery author

"Wow, Storm Surge was great! I actually read the whole book in one day. I loved all the business and technology angles, all the new characters that came out in the book and the intrigue. Great ending, I like how you tied it back to Kathryn's Beach. Great job!
— Joyce Himes

"I've read and reread your books. Your personality comes through in your writing -- beautiful."
— Father Alvin Herber, C.PP.S.

"Kathryn's Beach started off kind of slow, but as I got into it, then I couldn't put it down. I found Nadine a very creative and artistic author. It was a wonderful story and I can't wait for the sequel to see what happens next."
— Georgia Rhorbach

"I am enjoying reading Kathryn's Beach. I feel like I'm on the beach. The bigger, bolder print makes it easier to read."
— Naoko (Micki) Cain

"I sat down to read Kathryn's Beach this morning and when I got to work, I realized I forgot to put on my make-up!"
— Charlotte Saben

"I'm so VERY proud of you, of course I HAD to finish the book because I didn't want _____ to die!! But, it had to be to sustain the great impact of the story--terrific job!"
— Sister Ann Cecile Guame, CSJ

"Intriguing study of a person coming to grips with a period of crisis in their professional life. It proves you can come home again . . . it may not be exactly the same, but it is still home. Honestly written, with no punches pulled."
— Mary Edington

"I love your book! I admire your 'enticing' way with words and lovely writing style!"
— Sister Rosemary Rader, OSB

"What an enchanting book! Interesting from the cover to the last page. It is a beach book!"
— Jackie Shelburne

"I was ready to find Kathryn's Beach hard to get through, but it was not so. I loved it, believe it or not. I found myself swept along as the writing guided my imagination. By the second chapter your book had become a 'can't put it down' book. Your book touched my soul."
— Dayton Richards, US writer

"I absolutely love Kathryn's Beach!!!! You're a fantastic writer. Every time Kathryn went to the beach, I went with her. Your descriptions were wonderful. I love the work Kathryn is doing with the nuns, and she has such wonderful friends. The plane crash was unexpected, but all of the emotions surrounding it are portrayed beautifully."
— Ann Johnson, English writer

"I enjoyed High Tide very much, even though at times it felt like a wild roller coaster ride with its ups and down. I wanted to smack both Kathryn and Ioseph a few times. What was she thinking! I'm anxious to see how Kathryn handles the McKenzie empire. Very interesting twist!"
— Joyce Himes

"I finished High Tide a few minutes ago, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed anything else I have read."
— Kevin Beers

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Willing to see less - High Tide
Willing to see less - Storm Surge

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